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Blending the Art of Horsemanship with the Science of Behavior

Horse Behavior Consultations, Riding Lessons & Clinics, Educational Presentations

Lauren Fraser is a Certified Horse Behavior Consultant. She has the education and experience to help you better understand your horse, solve behavior problems, and improve your training – no matter your discipline.

  • Horsemanship Coaching, Horse Behavior Consults, And Horse Training That Puts The Relationship First
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  • What Can Lauren Fraser Of Good Horsemanship Offer You And Your Horse?
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  • Horse Behavior Consultations For Horse Behavior Problems

Services That Lauren Offers

Horse Behavior Consultations

Horse Behavior Consultations

Humane Help for Horse Behavior & Training Problems

Horse behavior problems can be scary, frustrating, inconvenient, or even dangerous. Lauren has both the knowledge and experience to help you  solve a wide variety of horse behavior or training problems – in ways that are low-stress and effective.

Horse Behavior Consults


Riding & Training

The Art and Science of
Riding & Training Horses

Lauren teaches effective, low-stress horse training methods that make working together a safe and positive experience for both horses and people. For those new to horses, experienced and fellow horse professionals.

Riding & Training

Horse Foundation Training


Evidence-Based Information
About Horses

Good Horsemanship offers educational presentations and workshops for both horse owners and equine professionals. Topics include equine ethology, learning, behavior, and behavior modification and training techniques.

Educational Events

Latest Blog Posts

How Lauren Can Help You

Lauren and Calcite

Lauren’s area of expertise is horse behavior.

As a Certified Horse Behavior Consultant, she helps horse owners overcome horse behavior and training problems, using humane, modern, and proven methods.

Lauren offers training and riding instruction, horse behavior consults, and educational presentations.

Central to all of the services Lauren offers is the principle that horse training should always be done in a humane manner – considerate of each horse’s unique needs and experiences.

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I want horses who run to the gate to meet me and who enjoy their job, while working and competing at a high level. I found it very difficult to know how to achieve both of these things, and it seems there are very few people that can teach you how to have both; I feel that Lauren knows the process to get what I want, the way I want to get it is without sacrificing the horse. ~Stacie Loewen